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Life Choices

Ministry of Praise

Bible Research

Signs of the Times

Satan’s Sinister Secret

Fruits of Righteousness

Class Notes (MS Word)

Narrow Path of Grace

Body Principles

Prayer of Jabez

Blinded Minds

Christian OODA

The Giving Season

Being Perfect

Father’s Heart

Eternal Citizens

2nd Priority

Fruits of Righteousness

Doing a New Thing

Restored Wine Skins

Godly Attitudes

Cast Off Those Weights

Whole Duty of Man

Holy Encampment

Those Who Do Exploits

Greatest Gift

How Shall We Escape

Lot’s Choice

Rivers of Living Water

Keep Yourself

Martyrs for Christ

Pruned for Ministry

Knowing God’s Will

Rapture Confusion

Needs of the Kingdom

Nine Names of Jehovah

God’s Menorah

Blessed of the Lord

All May Prophesy

Word of Our Testimony

Gift of Hope

The following Bible Studies and Sermons were taught and preached by Joseph Beatty during his years of Church ministry.  You may download these notes and use them for your personal Bible Studies.  Should you wish to contact Joseph Beatty concerning these studies please e-mail him at