Fruits of Righteousness
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Episode 1

Imputed Righteousness

In episode one we will discover why we so desperately need the imputed righteousness of God.

Episode 2

Carnal Mind

In episode two we will seek to answer the question: Since we possess the divine nature of God than why are we such defeated and frustrated Christians?  Maybe we are the problem.

Episode 3

Seasonal Christian

In episode three we will explore the grapevine symbol in all its seasonal facets, and allow these symbols to teach us truth about our relationship with Jesus.

Episode 4

Fruit Bearing Process

In episode Four we will explore the pruning process used by the Holy Spirit to mature our walk with Jesus.

Episode 5

Fruit Produced

In episode Five we will discover that the Holy Spirit produces only one fruit in our lives and that fruit is the image of Christ.

Episode 6

Job Principle

In episode Six we study the life of Job in the Old Testament as an example of the fruit bearing process: maybe Job was the problem.

Episode 7

Cross Principle

In episode Seven we will explore the cross principle Jesus requires of all true disciples.

Episode 8

God’s Exercise Program

In episode Eight we will explore the exercise program used by the Holy Spirit to develop the divine nature in us and the image of Christ.

Fruits of Righteousness is an eight episode video series based upon the symbol of a grapevine used by Jesus in John chapter fifteen.  Jesus used this symbol to portray the type of relationship we can experience with Him.  In this series we will explore grapevine symbol in all its seasonal facets

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