Bible Research
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Episode 1

The Miracle of the Bible

In episode one we will explore the true miracle of the Bible.  We will survey the 1600 year process needed to compile this marvelous book.

Episode 2

Four Problems

The secret to good Bible research is found in our ability to see these sacred Scriptures from the point-of-reference of the Bible authors.

Episode 3

Research Tools

In espisode three we will examine the research study tools and concordances available.  We also will examine computerized Bible software and the use of the internet.

Episode 4

Bible Meditation

Bible meditation is not spooky or metaphysical; good Bible meditation can be enjoyed when we learn good research methods and techniques.

Episode 5

Word Study

In order to unlock the secrets of Bible research we must set aside the english language and study the Bible in Greek of Hebrew.  This can be done with the word study format.

Episode 6

Topical Study

The word study format has its limits; lets expand our understanding of the Bible by learning the pryimid topical study format.

Episode 7

Person-Place Study

The person-place study format is a good organizational tool that helps our study of the people and places found in the Bible.

Bible Research is a seven episode teaching series designed to open the treasures of God's Holy Word.  During these episodes you will be presented with the four problems that often frustrate our understanding of the Bible, and we will learn to new methods of Bible meditation.  You will also learn of the importance of word studies conducted in the original languages.  When we touch the people and places of the Bible we gaze into the lives of real people like you and me.

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